Louie Louie – The UN-likely Lad on Walworth Road

I could not believe my blue eyes when I saw this beauty on Walworth Road the other day. It sticks out like a manicured thumb against a sea of fungus-infected-toes (yeah, sorry about that reference). It’s open from morning till night, serving smashing food throughout the day, then cocktails and (from the looks of the … More Louie Louie – The UN-likely Lad on Walworth Road

Juliet’s Gluten-free Bakery, Walthamstow

We are beginning to get spoilt for dietary-requirement-choice here in London. Yet another fabulous gluten-free and vegan bakery has opened its doors to the people of the capital. Walthamstow, with its huge vegan community, is now home to Juliet’s. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, then you’ll already know all about Romeo’s on … More Juliet’s Gluten-free Bakery, Walthamstow

Free Friday: Jackie

‘Free Friday’ is a day I veer off topic from my usual food and fashion posts. I will be writing about anything and everything- it’s a free for all. This week I’m writing about the film Jackie. Sobbing in front of a bathroom mirror, wiping her dead husband’s blood from her face, screaming at Bobby … More Free Friday: Jackie